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Clearwater Preschool

Clearwater Preschool operates two classes designed to coordinate with the school yearlyClw pre 2.jpg cut off dates ensuring that children’s learning is tailored to best fit and meet the appropriate academic and social/emotional levels of the group. The Early Learners program welcomes children that will attend kindergarten two years after commencing preschool while Preschool children will enter their elementary school the following September.

Our small group sizes (a maximum of 14 children) means that staff can introduce children to a diverse range of topics like reading, math, science, technology, social studies, and fine arts, including singing and dancing, while at the same time tend to each child’s emotional and social needs. This forms a very solid foundation for a successful introduction to school life and helps establish a love of learning that lasts a life time.

Clw pre 1.jpgClearwater Preschool staff use a curriculum that is thoughtfully planned, challenging, engaging and developmentally appropriate, promoting positive outcomes for all their children.  Children are encouraged to think for themselves, ask many questions and complete activities once started. Much attention is given to the work invested in a project rather than the outcome, thereby helping children develop positive self-esteem and an understanding that success can be derived from effort and enjoyment rather than a perfect product and praise.

Children are provided with a healthy snack each session and afforded the opportunity to lay outside or in the large gymnasium depending on the weather.


Hours of operation; term time only

Early Learner classes:
Monday & Friday morning, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday afternoon
Preschool classes:
Monday and Friday afternoon, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings
All morning classes run from 8.45am – 11.45am
Afternoon classes run from 12.15pm – 2.30pm
***Please note that afternoon classes may not be offered at all times.***


Fees cost $16.75 for a morning session and $12.50 for an afternoon session

Clearwater Preschool Staff

              Michelle Baker, ECE & Program Manager     Alice Ramsauer, ECE Assistant     Michelle Wall, ECE Assistant

                          Michelle Baker                          Alice Ramsauer                       Michelle Wall   

Located at the Dutch Lake Community Centre

209 Dutch Lake Road, Clearwater, BC V0E 1N2
Contact: Michelle Baker (Manager)
Telephone: 778-208-7027

Clearwater Preschool is a category of care which qualifies for BC Child Care Subsidy Funding. For further information and forms please ask program staff or visit the Ministry of Children and Family Development website at:

Program handbook and registration forms

For further information please read our program handbook. You may download registration documents from the Child Care Programs main page but places for your child may not be reserved until you have spoken with a member of staff.