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Make the Connection

‘Make the Connection’ is a nine session group program that focuses on the parent / child relationship which is at the heart of healthy child development. In ‘Make the Connection’ parents learn the importance of establishing loving relationships, how to foster two way communication and nurture the curiosity behind their babies drive to explore and learn. Parents and infants attend the class together and parents discover their role in facilitating their baby’s attachment and the necessity of responding sensitively to their baby’s cues.

‘Making the connection’ with their child through love, language and learning will give parents skills that they can implement in their daily life, that recognizes the role of a parent as the person who nurtures, protects and educates their child. These classes are designed to foster the emotional attachment between parent and child and thus prepare children for a life of responsive learning.

Photographs are taken of group participants each week and used as visual feedback to demonstrate how well parents connect with their baby and to give them a sense of pride in their parenting abilities. At the end of the course each participant is gifted the photograph album of themselves with their child. 

This class is open to parents with infants under twelve months of age. A light healthy choice snack will be provided at each Make the Connection class and a free babysitting service may be provided allowing parents with older children to attend.

Next session TBA For further information and/or to regisiter, please contact ‘Make the Connection’ Instructor sTammy Whelen or Susanne Butcher at 250-674-2600. Click HERE to download information.