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Licensed Child Care Programs

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Yellowhead Community Services Society recognises the importance of children’s early years and how formative experiences influence our lives. Our licensed child care facilities provide responsive care through fostering a happy and nurturing environment that is supportive, caring, rich in stimulation and promotes the overall developmBB 4.jpgent of each child.

Yellowhead Community Services Society is proud to welcome children and families of all ethnic, racial, cultural, religious and economic diversities and works in partnership with a broad range of community and social service agencies to support children of all abilities and their families.

All our child care programs are licensed through BC Interior Health Authority. If you have any questions regarding the licensing of our programs please contact Programs Manager Susanne Butcher (telephone and e mail below) or a Medical Health Officer at Licensing Direct on 1-877-980-5118 or visit

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For information regarding fees please see the individual program information. Families that qualify may access the BC Affordable Child Care Benefit Program to assist with payment of fees. Forms and further information is available from Program Manager Susanne Butcher (telephone and e mail below) or on line at Financial Assistance for Child Care. 

We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia in supporting our licensed childcare programs.

Yellowhead Community Services Society eligible Licenced Child Care Programs are participating in the BC Fee Reduction Initiative – Please see individual programs for details.

Susanne Butcher, Licenced Childcare Programs Manager

Contact: Susanne Butcher,  Early Childhood Services Manager

Telephone: 250 674-2600 ext. 227


Mission Statement

It is the mission of Yellowhead Community Services Society Childcare Programs to work respectfully with all children and families. We are dedicated to providing a safe, fun, affordable and nurturing childcare environment while honouring each child’s individuality.

Play Time at Child Care Facilities

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Children get to practice all sorts of developmental skills disguised as fun! Here we see the children playing at washing and hanging out the laundry! They are experimenting with water, using language such as wet and dry, warm and cold. They understand that when water is agitated more bubbles appear and that wet items weigh more than dry ones! Using pegs to pin the clothing onto the line encourages the children to work their fingers and their pincer grip, develop body strength and coordination. Working with a friend encourages language, turn taking, patience and cooperation - all of this in one simple fun activity!

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Our children have a wonderful natural yard to play in that was extended with the generous help of local volunteers. It provides a glorious wooded area where the children can enjoy themselves in a safe yet stimulating environment that reflects the typical forested area of the North Thompson Valley – whatever the weather!


Evergreen Place

The residents of Evergreen Acres often enjoy a visit from the daycare children and join them for a sing-a-long!

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The children from the Big Bear room rode on a Clearwater transit bus to visit the library where they were able to choose books for themselves and be read to by staff. Reading is a big part of daycare life and we encourage the children to look at books and share what they see daily.

library visit - compressed.jpg        library visit 2 - compressed.jpg


Each year we celebrate the transition our eldest children make to Kindergarten with a graduation party for all our families. We feel incredibly proud and honoured to have been part of our young children’s early years experience and due to the nature of a small and friendly communities, such as Clearwater and Barriere, we look forward to seeing them as they grow.

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