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Wells Gray After School Program, Clearwater

The After School Program provides children with a fun and safe place to play after school and during spring and summer breaks.


Cooperation is the name of the game in the After School Program. The ages of the children are mixed; some children are in their kinder year and others are in grade six with a blend of ages in-between. Within this mix of ages we foster group mentoring and team building. Each child is valued for their individual abilities and character and encouraged to be part of a group that would not be the ‘normal’ school experience.

As part of our programming staff ensure that although the school day is over the learning IMG_8433.JPGdoesn’t stop! Experiments, crafts and sporting activities are blended into the afternoon as part of the daily routine. Each child has the program adapted so that they can access to the best of their ability what is on offer.

Parents are encouraged to spend a few moments in the program at collection time as it is the only opportunity in the day staff get to see the families and share information.

 group farm web.jpgThe Wells Gray After School Program is a partnership    project between Yellowhead Community Services Society and Raft River Elementary School (School District #73) and is open to all elementary school aged children. It is a licensed child care facility and has room for up to 20 students. Children do not necessarily need to be attending Raft River Elementary School to take part in after school programs.


During school spring and summer holidays, children attending day camps take part in adventurous and out of the ordinary activities. For details contact the program manager.

Hours of operation:

Regular after school care: 2:30-5:30pm school term time only

Early closure: 12:00-5:30pm school term time only

Non instructional day: 8:30am-5:30pm school term time only

Spring & Summer Day Camp: 8:30am-5:30pm (School holidays; with the exception of closure during the first two full weeks in August)

Kids Summer Fun Days! - 2021 Day Camps TBA closer to start date.


Our fees are based on the number of contracted days a child attends each month. Wells Gray After School Program participates in the BC Provincial Government Fee Reduction Inititative (FRI) which reduces parental fees of kindergarten aged children up to a maximum of 20 days per month. *Children grade 1+ are not eligible for the FRI.

Regular after school care: $10.00 per session ($7.50 after FRI)

Early closure: $21.25 per session ($16.25 after FRI)

Non instructional day: $36.50 per session ($31.50 after FRI)

Spring & Summer Day Camp: $36.50 per session ($31.50 after FRI)

See Licenced Child Care Home Page for registration forms.

Affordable Child Care Benefit:

Affordable Child Care Benefit is a Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) program that helps with payment of child care fees for families who qualify. Please ask program manager or visit the MCFD website for more information:

                Wells Gray After School Program Staff and Volunteers

                                 Yu Yu - Volunteer Web.JPG        

                                                   Yu Yu - Volunteer

     Brigette - Staff           


   Contact: April Christensen, Program Manager

       T. 778.208.7365 (cell)  or  250 674-2600 (YCS office)

       801 Clearwater Village Road, Clearwater, BC V0E 1N1  


*Places for your child will not be reserved untilyou have spoken with program manager.